Industrial Scale

WeighItAll – Patent Pending – is a unique scale designed for industrial environments. Its innovative, patented design with both Class 4 and Class F load cells provides a measurement range which can accurately weigh objects from grams to hundreds of pounds.

The compact size of 3.0″ x 2.5″ x 1″ allows easy transport to any place for weighing needs. The system comes with a master unit and two satellite units which facilitates weighing of most anything regardless of the size, shape or volume of the item being weighed.

Multi-Scale Weighing

Features include:

  • Wireless technology to accomplish multi-scale weighing by allowing any number of satellite units to communicate directly to the master unit.
  • Bluetooth communications to a free downloadable app. App allows remote weighing or counting abilities, plus more.
  • Master has a patented two table design for measuring very light weight (grams) or large weights (hundreds of pounds).
  • Master can be used as a standalone or can incorporate up to eight satellite units.
  • Custom design – use our current scale specifications or we can customize the load cells to meet your weighing needs.

You don’t go to the scale, the scale comes to you.